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TRUE BLUE Foam Block, small TRUE BLUE Thick Yoga Sticky Mat, 4mm (thick) Set of 5 Pair Yoga Chumbals
Comes in PURPLE. 9" X 5-1/2" X 3". A bit narrower than the standard block for easier packing.
At 4mm thick, it boasts a cushioned thickness for comfort in kneeling, sitting and lying poses, but is still light enough to roll up and carry around with ease.

Yoga Chumballs (doughnuts) for the practice of Iyengar yoga. Set includes 2 XL(8 inch), 2 L(7 inch), 2 M (5 inches), 2 S (4 inches), 2 XS (3 inches).

These doughnut shaped props, translated to 'Chumbal' in Marathi (a language spoken in Maharashtra, Puna) were first introduced by BKS Iyengar in the 2013 calendar 'body is my first prop'. Chumbals are traditionally used to hold a vessel of water on the head and to provide a gentle cushioning from the sharp contact of the metal. But BKS Iyengar's revelation means they are now frequently used in Iyengar Yoga practice to support the sitting bones and pelvis in Baddha Konasana and other seated postures.
Uncut Roll of Seventeen TRUE BLUE Sticky Mats, 2mm BACK ORDER Ten Pack of TRUE BLUE Yoga Sticky Mats, 2mm each (thin) Uncut Roll of Seventeen TRUE BLUE Thick Sticky Mats, 4mm
4 colors to choose from. All mats have a thin, protective coating that must be removed prior to use. We will pre-cut the mats for $219 extra. You can easily get 17 mats per roll.
High grade PVC (AZO, DOP, phthalate and latex free) Spot clean. Before first use, unroll and air out your mat for 2-3 days before use.
Pre-cut, 24" wide by 69" long, 4 colors to choose from.  If you would
like to order specific mixed colors please write a note in the Customer
Comment box on the order form.
We will pre-cut your roll for $319 extra. Lots of colors to choose from:
Amethyst, Bright Blue and Indigo. Additional shipping charges
outside of the 48 contiguous states
Ten Pack of TRUE BLUE Thick Yoga Sticky Mats, 4mm
Pre-cut, 24" wide by 69" long. These mats come in Indigo, Amethyst, and Bright Blue.