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TRUE BLUE Thick Yoga Sticky Mat, 4mm (thick)

Longer mats are $3 per every 6" (up to 12"). The mats recommended by
Iyengar are the 2mm mats. However, the 4mm are good if your floor is
cold - but not as good for jumping back & forth in dog pose.

Our Price: $30.00
Ten Pack of TRUE BLUE Thick Yoga Sticky Mats, 4mm

Pre-cut, 24" wide by 69" long. These mats come in Indigo, Amethyst, and Bright Blue.

Our Price: $275.00
Roll of Seventeen TRUE BLUE Thick Sticky Mats, 4mm

We will pre-cut your roll for $40 extra. Lots of colors to choose from:
Amethyst, Bright Blue, Indigo and Plum. Additional shipping charges
outside of the 48 contiguous states

Our Price: $395.00